How Often Should You Have HOA Meetings in Hudson Valley, New York?

How Often Should You Have HOA Meetings in Hudson Valley, New York?

Every homeowner dreams of living in a neighborhood with an active homeowners' association (HOA). A group like this provides community self-governance, and much of the work done by its members happens during its HOA meetings.

It's in these meetings that members decide how HOA resources should be used, such as:

  • Installing new benches in the community park
  • Printing flyers for homeowners with weatherizing tips
  • Hosting a block party for the residents of the neighborhood

With all these HOA meeting topics to discuss, how often should your HOA board be meeting? Below, we discuss the duties of the HOA board and other key considerations when deciding how often to schedule your meetings.

Duties of the HOA Board

To know how often an HOA board should meet, you need to understand the work of an HOA board.

Board members are volunteers from the community. Their job is to protect property values and foster community among the HOA members.

Common Area Upkeep

Their work starts with maintaining community common areas. The board handles the upkeep of all non-private areas of the community, including but not limited to:

  • Public streets and signage
  • Playgrounds, parks, gyms, and other public amenities

The board must ensure that the HOA has the proper financial resources to keep these public spaces safely kept and aesthetically pleasing. They must also secure qualified contractors for any work that requires a specialist's expertise.

Compliance With Regulations

In addition to common area maintenance and financial oversight, it is also the board's duty to enforce compliance with the governing rules and regulations among residents in the community. Additionally, they enforce the covenants, conditions, and restrictions laid out within the HOA's governing documents.

To fulfill this duty, board members must follow up on any non-compliance reports in a timely fashion.

How Often to Have HOA Meetings

As you can see, HOA boards have many responsibilities, and they need to set aside enough time to fulfill all these obligations. While it may be tempting to schedule one annual HOA meeting and then coast by the rest of the year, you're unlikely to be able to truly resolve all these items in one meeting. This structure also leaves you unable to respond to emergent needs within your community.

When deciding how often to schedule your HOA board meetings, make sure you're in alignment with the bylaws of the organization.

More questions to ask yourself:

  • Do we have enough time at each meeting to thoroughly discuss each topic?
  • Is there a special opportunity or emergency issue that requires an extra meeting?
  • Are we able to schedule hybrid or virtual meetings to allow for travel, inclement weather, and other considerations?

Based on these and other considerations, most boards meet on a quarterly basis. You may find that more or less frequently works best for you and your membership.

Find the Right HOA Management Company for You

HOA boards do much more than plan block parties, and HOA meetings are where most of their business happens. When deciding how often your Hudson Valley HOA should meet, think of the needs of the community and the time it takes to meet those needs.

Even with regularly scheduled meetings, sometimes you need help to get everything done in compliance with the rules and regulations. Property Management Inc. has HOA management professionals ready and waiting to help you with all your community management needs.

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